It’s Mini Project Time


This post is a little late, but I’m going to add it anyway. Two weeks ago, my team and another team traveled to Camp Courageous of Iowa to work on a 3 day mini project painting a dorm there and removing baseboards in one of their buildings that molded. Camp Courageous is a non profit camp for children and adults with physical and mental disabilities. They offer camping programs year round for these individuals and also have a weekend service where if people with disabilities would like to come for a weekend they can. The camp was founded in 1972 with donated land and has grown to over 105 acres and serves 5,100 people annually.

Once we arrived there, our plans changed a bit.  Due to some funding issues we wouldn’t all be painting every day.  The first day we split into groups and some of us worked outside taking down old fence wire, and the other members of our team worked on cleaning out a garage storage area. The next two days were too cold to go outside so we spent time painting and sanitizing cabins for the camp and assisting with various other projects. On a whole, we took down 1300 feet of fencing, sanitized 17 rooms, painted 4 bathrooms and a garage, removed 15 cubic feet of trash, 6 cubic feet of scrap metal and donated 200 hours of volunteer time to Camp Courageous.  Not too shabby for a three day project.

The 1300 feet of fencing. We did alright on rolling it back up, well except for the one on top that went a little Charlie Sheen.


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