An Awesome Evening

Last night was a pretty great experience.  Why? Well, the owner of the bar in Vinton that we usually go to on the weekends decided that they wanted to treat us all to a night of hockey in Cedar Rapids.  Fun fact about Iowa, they have no professional sports teams. So what does that mean? Iowans have a ridiculous obsession with the University of Iowa and minor league sports teams. Such as the Cedar Rapids Roughriders.  The Roughriders are a minor league hockey team, that have some major league followers in Iowa.

There were about 18 of us that all piled into two 15 passenger vans and made the trip to Cedar Rapids. Once there, we all promptly got to our seats and began to soak in all that the Cedar Rapids Roughriders had to offer us.

The game turned out great for the Roughriders as they won 6-2. The game turned out even better for us, because our wrist bands showing that we were over 21 gave us free beers at a bar close to the stadium. Even better for me, one of the people with us didn’t want their free beer, so I got two!

Free Beer!

Overall, it was a great night and a great chance to get away.


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