The Wizard of Oz

After reading the book Wicked, and also the other two books in the series, I got a little obsessed with the Wicked Witch of the West and rereading Wicked many times. This new found favorite book made me interested in watching the Wizard of Oz, which has since become one of my favorite movies, and then when I saw Wicked for one of my Christmas presents, it became  official, I had an extremely unhealthy enjoyment of everything Wicked and Wizard of Oz.

So where is this post going you might ask? Well, it’s going straight to a review of the book that started it all. The original Wizard of Oz that was available for free download on my kindle. With my Wizard of Oz obsession, how could I not get it? Overall, this book was a nice easy read compared to some of the stuff I have been reading for the past few weeks, but overall, I think that I still enjoy the movie and the Wicked series much more.  Reading this book, I also realized that things that fascinated and excited the children of 1900 would not be so magical for the youth of today. I think that when they hear the book and think of some of the descriptions for events, they wouldn’t be as magical for them with everything they can see on television, the internet, and the advent of 3d movies.  I think this book will continue to inspire the imagination of kids and adults alike, but I think it may have lost a little of its magic with the advent of our “modern technology”.

The Girl Who Started the Obsession

This book had so many unique ideas that were left out of the film and the Wicked books. These elements include the witch of the south, the wolves, the china people and many other characters. I really enjoyed reading the book and knowing what they decided to include and expand on in both of these films and also what they decided to leave out.  I also thought it was neat how the three versions included the winged monkeys.  The book explains how they came to be under control of the Wicked Witch, the movie just has them there, Wicked the book has the Witch discovering them, and the musical has them as a tragic figure for the Witch. So much creativity and it all started back from this book .

The Book

So, my overall verdict, if you are looking for an easy read of an American classic and have read Wicked or seen the Wizard of Oz movie, I would recommend reading this book.



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2 responses to “The Wizard of Oz

  1. Laura

    I’m on a lion among men right now. Really enjoyed the first two books. So glad you told me about them. 🙂 I think I might read the original now too

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