Week 2 Recap

Greetings again from the land of cold and snow! This past Friday when I got up ( at 5am btw) it was -30 degrees outside. Way to cold! Thankfully the buildings have tunnels that run underneath them so I did not have to go outside to get to the 5:45 am physical training (pt) session. Friday was our first session, but starting tomorrow morning, we have pt three days a week at 5:45 am. On the other days we have 7am room and kitchen/common area inspections.

Trainings the past week have run the gammet from information on nutrition/pt to nonviolent conflict resolution, to how to understand policy, and all I ever wanted to know about safety. I’m glad I know have this sweet hardhat for the next year.

Sweet Hardhat

In the small amount of time that we have outside of training/reading policy manuals all the other people I have been serving with and I have been doing a lot of fun stuff. Another tl and I have been doing extra pt sessions in the morning, and a couple of times a week, we play ultimate frisbee ( or ultimate as it will be referred to on this blog). Ultimate is a pretty awesome sport that I had heard of but never played until coming here. For a better description, check out this link:  http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/2008/09/23/110-frisbee-sports/

Now a little bit about life here. Vinton likes to refer to itself as the city of lights. Which is ironic since Vinton probably barely quailifies as a city. However, I must say that they do have a large amount of lights in the downtown area. Downtown also has a movie theater that charges $2 for admission. I saw “True Grit” with a couple of friends the other night. I haven’t spent too much time exploring here, but from what I have seen, Vinton is a small, but cute town.

Home Sweet Home

Downtown Vinton - A little blurry, but you get an idea

My Cooking Team's Kitchen



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