Eat, Pray, Love…Not So Much

My first book review for this site is of the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I had heard of the book when it first came out, but wasn’t intrigued by it. This May I saw Sex and the City 2 and before the film started, there was a preview for the movie Eat Pray Love and I thought that it looked good and wouldn’t mind seeing it. I soon changed my mind when the film actually came out and my facebook feed was bombarded with statuses like: Eating/Praying/Loving Tonight! Can’t wait to EAT/PRAY/LOVE! I love to EAT/PRAY/LOVE!

After those posts, I was officially turned off the film. Anyway, I decided that I would give the book a try so I put my name on the waiting list at the library and waited and waited and waited. My name finally came up in October and I picked up the book but wasn’t able to even start it before it had to be returned. I then borrowed the book from a co worker and started to read it. I will admit that there were some parts I liked and some quotes that I enjoyed from it, but it was still a book that I had to force myself to read.

I finally made it halfway through the book and it was time to move, which meant I had to return the book. Thankfully, Target had the book on sale and I was able to get a good discount on it, so I bought it because I did want to finish it. After about three weeks of forcing myself to read the book, I FINALLY finished it. I was officially underwhelmed.

I had high hopes for this book as I had heard many people talk about how is was an amazing book and spoke to them and really impacted them. For me, it was a book that was ok, and that I had to force myself to finish. It was an activity that I am glad that I did but don’t want to do again. I got about the same amount of enjoyment out of it as doing my taxes.

So, in conclusion, this book was not for me, but I can see how others would like it. While I don’t have a desire to read it again. I think I would probably suggest that someone read it.

My next book: In the Woods by Tana French


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